Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Septemeber 11

Our citizen salute today: The Brave...we are the home of the brave and we salute you on this day

Coverage of today's memorials in DC, NY and PA:

Also we'll get ya home to your family smoothly with CT traffic/news/weather and our on demand Drive at 5, plus the six o'clock People Poll and another pair of passes to the International Farmer's Market coming to Bridgeport....

And now, cause today ya need to remember to smile, here are Bridges Bites:

'Desperate Housewife' Terri Hatcher:

Kanye is hot water:

30 something fit like a 90210 star:,,20222169_20224850,00.html

Oh momma:

Oh momma to hot momma:


I know ya love the Lilo:

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