Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday July 31st

Tomorrow is August...oh man fall is inching closer and closer! Yikes...enjoy this nice weather well we can and remember when its muggy or there's a shower it could be wind and snow at 26 I right?? We got summer fun on our ride today, on demand Drive @ 5 with another chance to win pearl earrings-swanky huh?! Then our six o' clock People Poll.....

Here they come today's Bridges Bites!

Angelina loves the Batman:

CT has the #1 most liveable small city:

Sen. Obama related to Wild Bill Hickcock? and Brad Pitt?

A sample of Jessica Simpson in 'Elle'

Royal threads:

Don't want to go into the office today?

In case you missed them:

Couple of celeb couple headlines:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday July 30

Well we're working to get over that mid-week hump with fun, music and information you need for the Ride Home Show. Check out our on deman Drive @ 5 for requests and your chance to win a lovely pair of peral earrings..then at 6 on the People Poll: Ever hung out with a celeb??

And here they come today's Bridges happy!

The Bat flies commerical:

Kids (or you) Harry Potter fans??

Google this for irony sake:

Here come the Olympics..remember the great '84 USA team?

Just keep on checking you e-mail?

Wow what a nice story this is:

Scary day in LA yesterday with the quake and look who its affected!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday July 29

Welcome to Tuesday...on Demand in our Drive at 5 another chance to win a pair of magnificent gold earrings from J Albert Johnson's...and listen for our People Poll at six!

Hey Maria Bello, you go girl!

Turn on the Batsignal!

Speaking of movies as oddball as this looks I think out curiosity it may be a hit:

Poor Mark McGrath:

Whoa see Bob Barker retires and it all goes to hogwash!

Paris Hilton Oscar push??

Well it'll be cold here in a couple month sooooo:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday July 28

Boy oh boy can you believe its nearly August...time flys when you're having fun..listening to WEBE of course! Today in our People Poll at 6: Ever had an unusual vacation? Was it overseas? Was it camping? A honeymoon? Camping as a kid?? Tell us we'll talk it up after on the Drive at 5 we're on demand with requests, fun, information and your chance to win a pair of pearl earrings from J Albertson's as we play What is this Audio???

Here they come today's Bridges' Bites ***DING***:

Going on a first date or married 30 years this helps men:

Poor Madonna looks a bit "weatherd" this weekend!

Jonas Bros dating intel, Gillian Anderson on X-Files and more

Guttenberg gets angry again...unintentionally hillarious

Campaign button 08 also funny:

Drunks on a plane!

We were talking about Chris Everett and Greg Norman's dubious relationship beginnings:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday July 25

Its Finally Friday! Welcome to a beautiful day and the start of the weekend...we've taken it upon ourselves to celebrate New Haven this week on our on-demand Drive @ 5 with gift certificates to enjoy a different hot spot each night...another today after 5! Plus Stacy will be guesting for Anne who is off today...then make a point to listen to our People Poll at six and give us your thought on this: With the new X-Files movie out...ever think you may have seen a ghost or alien/UFO?? Who ya gonna call...forget Bill Muarry and Dan Akroyd call WEBE after 6!

Btw, it was great meeting so many of you last evening at the Post Mall in Milford at out "Mama Mia" Karaoke Night...what a fun night and Storm N Norman was very entertaining as our MC

Here they come...ready? Today's Bridges Bites:

Today's hot chat video clips including Kelsey Grammar on his heart attack scare:

Brangelina Brooo-hahaha:

At work-workout awesome ideas:

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is upset again:

I'm drying my tears..the "enchanting" Amy Adams is engaged here are some pics of the happy couple:

Okay know more about the Jonas Bros than your teenage kids:

Last a little fun with Mimi:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday July 24

Hey the weekend is almost here! We're going to be in mazimum fun mode to get your there with request selections on-demand in out Drive at 5 (where we'll also send you out on the town in New Haven on us) and tonight's People Poll at 6:

Here are today's Bridges' Bites

We broke this story on the radio yesterday shocker!

Day 3 of Christian Bale's Bat-gate 08:

Reality TV Awards:

And you thought the dinos were just at Harbor Yard Arena this week!

Wonder why you didn't get that job offer:

Tech Update:

Training for a triathalon:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday July 23

Hope you are staying dry today! We've got a fantastic dinner invite for you again tonight on-demand in our Drive @ 5 to Union League Cafe in New our 6'o clock People Poll:
Plus more fun from local chambers of commerce and Cell Phone Text Msg Abbreviation Translation and other silliness amongst the best variety of tunes! Okay Bridges Bites click below:

Whats the deal with The View this week huh?

Seriously look at the hair on the Cruises?

Batman Christian Bale trying to save his image:

Doogie gettin down!

Trouble for Sarah Jessica Parker?

As a single guy whose dated..ALOT..ugh I'd agree theses are pretty much right on ladies:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday July 22

Whoa here we go trying to plow through a Tuesday...we'll have a dinner on us for you in New Haven and on-demand requests on the Drive at 5...then the 6'o clock People Poll-controversal new piece is out saying the Stones, Elton John, Madonna are among performers who should "go away" What do you think sick of any celeb? Get on your soapbox and vent to us!

Here we are we were talking retro styles yesterday:

Wow...Brooke Hogan...

Great "Love Song" clip from Sara

The Bat's a naughty boy:

I hate to admit but I LOVE this show

Oh Goodness morbid A-Rod curiosity

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday July 21

Well somebody's got a case of the Mondays...if its you then we got the cure with music variety, fun and prizes and time saving traffic and weather of course per always! Today another exciting edition of Robby Bridges: E-Pychic; our on Demand Drive at 5...6'o clock People Poll: Wow how about the Katie Holmes hairdo? had a hair-care disaster? We'll chat about it....we'll also decode "what your kids are talking about" and a word from your friendly neighborhood Bear Market

Another one of my favorite 80s shows finally closes the curtains (tear)

Can't wait for the X-Files movie..funny vid

Christmas in July!

Grandma? Is that you? Check this out

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday July 18

Boy the summer is just flying on by and here we are at Friday the 18th! Well "Batmania" is on everyone is pumped about the Batman: Dark Knight movie and we have a fun list of other movies coming today you might NOT have heard of plus a Bat-inspired People Poll at 6pm-If you could have one superhero power what it be? Plus on Demand Requests on our Finally Friday Drive at 5....some Bat-Fun
Here's a pic of me with the 60s Batman Adam West when I was a kid:

Got video gamers in your house check this out

Brace yourself Lohan party pics and the whole family's involved

Celebrity Teeth List:

You thought you were havin a rough day at work:

Snakes on a...Farm?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday July 17

Almost made it to the weekend! Today our on Demand Drive @ 5 is going to be high octane with requests and fun...then the 6'o Clock People Poll : Is there something your kids (or you when you were a kid) can't get enough of??? Plus signs to look for if you suspect your husband is Batman...another episode of the WEBE reality show...and more!

Meanwhile busting your hump at work maybe you shouldn't:

Emmy nod chatter:

We talked about Andy Dick yesterday some other fun celeb mugs

Since when are the Olympics another reality show hmm

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday July 16

Welcome to a Wednesday...I'm usually pretty lucky being a Milford resident that most of the traffic tends to be either north or south of me (and there's always the Pkwy though I prefer 95) also I don't drive during rush hour as I'm the show airs until 7 duh! But today what a mess during the day from 41-30 wowser! Cathie Taylor is guest hosting for Annie to join me today we'll keep you on Demand request at 5 and the 6' O Clock People Poll You'd like to see a sequel tooooo..?? What?

Check this out and find out if your body age matches your actual age:

Paris Hilton is mad about you really care..would you rather be working? Click here c'mon ya know you're curious there's photos! oooo

Cell Phone Myths debunked :

Dog lovers check this one out :

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday July 15

Well almost to the half way point of the week amigo..we'll do our best to get you there more swiftly! Big exclusive today: The premiere of the new Bud ad now that they're Belgian owned! Plus still hoping a certain celeb with a big movie opening this weekend gives us a call....we shall see on-demand requests and the 6'o clock People Poll...whoa so many celebrity breakups some minor some grand (A-Rod to Buble to Sarah Silverman) lets talk just dating...whats a deal breaker on a first date?? Think back and dish :-)

How bout the iphone G3 do ya have the iphone fever

Ah the Tom Cruise gotta love him...

Man I hope I'm not on this list :

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday July 14

wow Monday again already! We'll keep it movin with fun and music variety for the end of your day...we may get a celebrity phone call after 6pm...we'll play our game "Lucky Threes" locking three events in the news, shocking! Hint check this out demand Drive at 5 requests and our six o'clock People Poll: More Miley scandals..lets remember a happier time what was your favorite kids show??

What does Jeter think of this whole A-Rod fiasco?

How bout some crazy celeb quotes..sure yummy!

Check this out a mom in Weston on how to cool the kids when they want want want at the store:

What an amazing lady..the world's oldest blogger:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Its Finally Friday! July the 11th

Welcome to a BIG Friday show...last chance to win theatre tickets to see "The Music Man" on our on-demand Drive @ 5! Got a good 6'o clock People Poll: So if you could date a famous person whom would it be??

Are you still single...and not fresh out of school? LOL Don't panic breathe deep and check this out:

We talked about how CD's are out mp3s AAAAND vinyl LPs are in last week here's more I love this trend:

Oh those funny Brittish Royals:

Want to date a celeb this is funny is not wistful: -or -

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday July 10

Wow this week is flying by fairly quickly huh? Hooray! Make sure to click back and listen to our newly added podcasts including our extended Donna Summer interview with lotsa stuff never heard over the airwaves. Today on the show another shot for a night of fun at the theater with passes to see "The Music Man"....6'o Clock People Poll... a little wacky right? Have you ever had a horrible job?? We'll chat!

Dating for grownups here's an interesting perspective

You know how the X File fans have been saying aliens landed in Roswell back in 1947? Check this video out...ooooo...

Want some Mrs. A-Rod gossip..sure you do

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday July 9

Donna Summer is in town tonight at Mohegan Sun Arena..she called to talk with us and the only place to hear the whole interview is on our Ride Home Show page here online under podcasts...she talks about being called a "diva", lousy cell signals and why dance music is still so cool...

Check this out 30 essential beauty tips...we'll get your opinions on these and other old wives tale tricks to beauty tonight at 6 on the People Poll

The Spears' are at it again anything for publicity!

check out this amazing pic of the most complete wholly mammal:

Plus tickets on demand at the Drive @ 5 to see the Music Man, Cell Phone Text Message Abbreviation Translation and more...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday July 8

Oh boy here we go doing our best to wrap up a Tuesday workday! Big doings today...on demand in the Drive at 5 more passes to see the Music Man plus we are scheduled to chat a bit with the legendary Donna Summer! Then at 6 on the People Poll: Where is the oddest place you've ever had to sleep?? What oddball celebrity family is going to do their own variety hour? Hmmm Would you like to get married in Space? And ever kept a food diary to loose weight? Hollywood does and we'll dish! Also more of those things you really don't need to know but why not..and more

Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday July 7th

Well welcome back to the grind after a long holiday weekend! Hope you had a great one and we're going to attempt to round out your Monday with a little on the on demand-Drive @ 5 listen for Stamford Theatre passess...our 6'o clock People Poll is thinking about all the fatting food we ate over the weekend...sooo do you have a favorite delictable delight that is a total guilty pleasure but is maybe that good for you?

Also on the Show today new entries to the Webster bout that Nadar-Federer match at Wimbelton-Listener Email and so much more

Check out these links is money a turn on in relationships?

And ah poor Mrs. Prince Charles this says it all dear friends

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday July 3

Happy 4th of July Weekend! We'll be talking fireworks and fun today! Last chance to win REO Speedwagon/Styx we'll kick off the Blockbuster weekend with the greatest summer hits of all time! As is traditional to all holidays we'll bring you the corniest cornball "4th" jokes of all time so if you find George Washington's wooden teeth funny you'll love these. Our 6'o clock People Poll tonight: have you got a crazy relative you'll see this holiday?? Why are they wacky? See on Monday and enjoy the weekend

Want free cereal?? Check this link

Check this out for a little nostalgic Americana

Regis embarrassed on TV? Really check out the clip:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday July 2

More tickets to our show with REO Speedwagon and Styx in Trumbull next month with the world famous backwards movie clip game at 5p tonight! Our 6'o clock people poll-lotsa summer movie blockbusters out and coming out (A 'Friends' movie may be in the works) is there a film YOU love everyone else seems to hate?? We'll talk about who is Justin Timberlake afraid of? Why does David Beckham's breath stink? Also, Anne and I will talk about the best places to see 4th fireworks over the holiday weekend..and could you pass an American citizenship test we'll list some real questions and maybe some that ought to be all today talk to ya then!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday July the 1st baby!

Whoa welcome to the dog days of the 108 days of summer with WEBE 108!

Big Tuesday show more tickets to see REO Speedwagon and win you need to know:The band's debut album, REO Speedwagon, was released on Epic Records in 1971. One of the most popular tracks on this record was "157 Riverside Avenue." The title refers to the Westport, Connecticut address where the band stayed while recording in nearby Bridgeport....listen at 5 for the cue to call me!

Looking for hair scrunchie alternatives? Click here

Extremely private "Grey's" star was spotted rockin a hot bikini style!

Also what was your first car? Thats the 6'o clock people from a LOST Beatles interview thats just been found from 1964! Is it the end of the minivan...and funny stuff found in fortune cookies too..yum