Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday July 28

Boy oh boy can you believe its nearly August...time flys when you're having fun..listening to WEBE of course! Today in our People Poll at 6: Ever had an unusual vacation? Was it overseas? Was it camping? A honeymoon? Camping as a kid?? Tell us we'll talk it up after on the Drive at 5 we're on demand with requests, fun, information and your chance to win a pair of pearl earrings from J Albertson's as we play What is this Audio???

Here they come today's Bridges' Bites ***DING***:

Going on a first date or married 30 years this helps men:

Poor Madonna looks a bit "weatherd" this weekend!

Jonas Bros dating intel, Gillian Anderson on X-Files and more

Guttenberg gets angry again...unintentionally hillarious

Campaign button 08 also funny:

Drunks on a plane!

We were talking about Chris Everett and Greg Norman's dubious relationship beginnings:

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