Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday July 16

Welcome to a Wednesday...I'm usually pretty lucky being a Milford resident that most of the traffic tends to be either north or south of me (and there's always the Pkwy though I prefer 95) also I don't drive during rush hour as I'm the show airs until 7 duh! But today what a mess during the day from 41-30 wowser! Cathie Taylor is guest hosting for Annie to join me today we'll keep you on Demand request at 5 and the 6' O Clock People Poll You'd like to see a sequel tooooo..?? What?

Check this out and find out if your body age matches your actual age:

Paris Hilton is mad about you really care..would you rather be working? Click here c'mon ya know you're curious there's photos! oooo

Cell Phone Myths debunked :

Dog lovers check this one out :

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