Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday July 25

Its Finally Friday! Welcome to a beautiful day and the start of the weekend...we've taken it upon ourselves to celebrate New Haven this week on our on-demand Drive @ 5 with gift certificates to enjoy a different hot spot each night...another today after 5! Plus Stacy will be guesting for Anne who is off today...then make a point to listen to our People Poll at six and give us your thought on this: With the new X-Files movie out...ever think you may have seen a ghost or alien/UFO?? Who ya gonna call...forget Bill Muarry and Dan Akroyd call WEBE after 6!

Btw, it was great meeting so many of you last evening at the Post Mall in Milford at out "Mama Mia" Karaoke Night...what a fun night and Storm N Norman was very entertaining as our MC

Here they come...ready? Today's Bridges Bites:

Today's hot chat video clips including Kelsey Grammar on his heart attack scare:

Brangelina Brooo-hahaha:

At work-workout awesome ideas:

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is upset again:

I'm drying my tears..the "enchanting" Amy Adams is engaged here are some pics of the happy couple:

Okay know more about the Jonas Bros than your teenage kids:

Last a little fun with Mimi:

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