Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday October 3

Finally Friday whoopee! Going to play the $1K song before 3pm! And of course on demand requests at 5 and then our six o'clock People Poll....BTW, be sure to listen to our all new late night talk show on the radio "Nightime" airing Sundays at 10p on 107.9FM in CT and NY and online at This week guests include Bob Woodward, Jim Spinnato and Joan Osbourne!

And now, jokes passed by the House, here are yo' Bridges Bites:

Interesting debate last night "you betcha":

SNL's take:,,20231016,00.html

Changing her 'View'?

ooo 'Gossip Girl' guys!

Whoa its Brangelina in the city!

How to be a lil more like Marilyn Monroe:

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