Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday December 15

Ho-ho-ho-hope your holiday shopping is coming along! We've got goodies, on demand requests and more on the Drive at 5 and then 0ur People Poll at six tonight!

Make a note now, our last 'Ride Home Show' before Christmas is tomorrow the 16th. But we will be bringing you a special holiday edition of "Night-Time with Robby Bridges" this Sunday evening at 10pm featuring a presentation of the radio-play The Story of How Dominick became the Italian Christmas Donkey! Plus, Ms. CT 2009 Ashley Glenn; eco tips for a "Green" Christmas with Good Morning America contributer David Mizejewski; healthy eating tips with therapist John Morgan and CBS journalist Charles Osgood with a Christmas treat!

Now, along with a complimentary turtle dove, here are today's Bridges Bites:

In case you missed the Cruise on 'Today':

Cameron Diaz to Great White Way?

Happy Birthday Taylor:,,20246753,00.html

Idol version 3.0 cometh:

Happy Holidays from Kiefer:

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