Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday August 4

Howdy..hope you had a great weekend! I almost typed July..make sure you're careful when writing in your checkbook..ha! Exciting stuff...WWE tix could be yours on today's on demand Drive at 5! Plus our People Poll at 6 tonight...

Yes here they come today's Bridges Bites..we click so you can too!

This is a shocker..Mary Kate interrogated by the Feds!

One of our finest actors get well!

You prolly saw em already but behold the Brangelina Twins:,,20216352,00.html

Weird "bacon" products...yup: javascript:soKe.pgPopUp('comedy-cs_bacon_products_pop_up')

Guess which fella Madonna was seen with now?

Business Genius...trademark your catch phrase!

We just had dinos at Harbor Yard now this!

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