Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday August 13

Well we're back from vaca..thanks to Larry our Ride Home Show guest host for pinch hitting...we postponed our People Poll last Thursday to cover the tornado/storms that came through Fairfield and New today-there was a story about a woman so upset the DOT in Michigan caused her to sit in traffic due to construction she billed them for $16 in wasted we want to know what annoys you so much you think it ought to be illegal??? Tonight at 6! Plus our on deman Drive at 5 and your chance to request and win...listen for the info when you leave work of course...

And now ladies and gents, here come today's Bridges Bites:

Do ya got the Phelps Fever?

More bad news for Britney's lil sis:

Sienna Miller (the homewrecker of the Getty family) feels the pinch of the pump check this vid:

Who needs a 'Teddy Bear' when you can play Elvis-Barbie:

Ya know you're a little excited about 90210:

They need to eat something!,,20202030_20202616,00.html

This is just stunning....and unfortunate:

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