Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday August 21st

Hey thanks for coming to see us (or listening to us) live yesterday from the Pilot Pen tennis tourney at the Yale Bowl in New Haven! What fun and sun...another chance to pick-a-ticket to see Robin Williams on demand on the Drive at 5 and a new People Poll at six of course...

And now cause ya missed just a lil yesteday here are today's Bridges Bites:

She's havin a baby:

Edward's mistress was on a game show with Chuck Woolery!

Phelps V. Beard Day too lol:

Clip from Meg Ryan's new movie:

Look a Mickey Mouse potato! Its a miracle: javascript:vPlayer('26330414','a766f510-98ca-4179-8170-1c0632641364')

Look a new 'Batchelor':

And lets abuse the T-Cruise:,0,1407444.story


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