Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday June 20-Summah time in WEBE-Land!

First and foremost you must check out the link above..I know I tell you about surveys, videos and pics of crazy celebs but seriously this is nuts, Steve Guttenberg of "Police Academy" and most recently "Dancing with the Stars" attacked a papparazzo and its caught in extreme close ups...weird wild wacky stuff!

We chatted yesterday in the People Poll with folks that had lame, dumb, silly jokes..our favorite "Why do radio hosts have small hands? Cause they have brief pause for station identification!" Also we celebrated the 50th birthday of the Hula Hoop..did you know there was an iHula and the Paris Hula...Hula-yo! Plus, Tiger's got a bum knee...was Tony Soprano involved? And 1/3 of all IT personel snoop on co-workers, for example at Trump Tower emails uncovered to Donald's hairdresser reveal attachments of squirrel pictures...hmmm

TODAY ON THE SHOW: Another installment of the WEBE reality show...summer tourism slogans from Connecticut cities and towns, Presidential debates in slow motion and the 6 o'clock People Poll...with all the talk about the Jonas Brothers this week..did you have a teen idol, hearthrob, babe you once (or still) idolized? Cya at the Show!

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