Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome to the new blog

Well its official I am a blogger...okay well if you're on myspace you can access my blog there too and read old ones going back for several months at

I'll keep you updated here on whats going on with our show (M-F 2-7pm and 107.9 FM) , me and with the artists, celebs, people in our communities we love so much! Thanks to my friends Richard and Millie whom I hung with at the Fairfieild County Irish Fest Friday night what a great time! Thanks also to Deb and everyone at Securitas in my hometown of Milford we gave em some Stevie Wonder tickets for listening at work! I visited my parents in Rhode Island for Father's Day this past weekend also...

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Friday on the show we talked about the top Father's Day gifts 1) Ear muffs not only for the cold but for when yout dad has to take mom to the Sex and the City movie (look for audio soon at; we learned Father's Day is observed by Federal Law and has been since 1972-thanks to Nixon! Also in our People Poll we found 62% of men say brown hair is most attractive feature of a potential mate/date..callers also mentioned clothes, humor, nose, eyes and LEGS! Wowser...

TODAY ON THE SHOW: We'll have a summer picnic party to give away..our people poll will talk cooking disasters plus what we saw on last night's TVLAND Awards, Tony's and why the Incredible Hulk is who is the sexiest celebrity DAD and why? We'll tell you today!

be well love to hear from you-Robby

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