Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Tuesday Show 6-17

Check webe108.com for podcasts downloadable to your iPod of fun from the WEBE108 Ride Home Show 1) People Poll on Cooking Disasters 2) Highlights you may have missed from the TVLAND Awards and 3) Pitches from CT Cities and towns to visit this summer! Yesterday Annie and I also talked about sexy celeb dads, voted number one? Matthew M. any who wouldn't want to see dad shirtless?? Yikes. Plus, do you the Hulk is green due eating a few tainted tomatoes?

TODAY ON THE SHOW: More summer picinics at 5pm from Cabot Creamery, on demand requests at 5 and today's People Poll : Worst pick up lines you ever heard! Also our world famous Cell Phone Text Message Abbreviation translation including AGTBNTP-America's got talent but not these people! And soooo much more...its almost mid week talk to ya soon!

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