Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday June 24th

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman having a fight? Hmmm could be true could not check this out as talked about on Monday's Ride Home Show...word said she was upset he brought her unstage go to perezhilton.com

Fashion Myths debunked for the ladies: Denim on Denim is ok, sure you can wear minis after 35 but no pastel skirts purchased pre-1987! http://www.aol.com/redir.adp?_e_t=ap&_a_v=2.0&_a_i=100214839x1204667673x1200210040&_url=http%3a%2f%2fshopping%2eaol%2ecom%2fclothing%2daccessories%3fncid%3dAOLCOMMshopDYNLprim0001%26icid%3d100214839x1204667673x1200210040

Plus today on the show: What are my kids talking about?? Listener Emails; Fun stuff you really can get for just a dollar...and what is the most hated food according to a new survey?

Got Rod Stewart Tickets at the Drive at 5pm and tonight's six o'clock people poll: First Concert?

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