Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday June 18

Yesterday on the show Anne and I discussed Bad Pickup lines with you on the 6 o'clock People Poll and the worst "Are we related cause we're both awfully good lookin!" Plus, we were excited to learn Anne Hathaway dumped her long time boyfriend and is now about Getting Smart ***WINK**

TODAY ON THE SHOW: Listen in to audio from the WEBE 108 reality show; we'll poll you for great excused why you're late for work at 6 along with summer picnics and requests on the Drive at 5 on demand! Shocking gossip on Joan Rivers, Lindsay Lohan and...the city of Stratford?? Yup plus Things ya don't reeeeally need to know like the fact Robin Hood is now in the dairy business all this and CT's best music variety talk to you soon....

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